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Why Become Certified?




Whether it’s the hallmark designation of IFM — the International Finance Manager designation — obtaining a certification is professionalism defined.

Earning your certification is like having a key to the vast world of opportunities the profession of financial management offers placed in the palm of your hand. It can open doors you did not even know existed, as the three or four letters that now follow your name will make one powerful statement about the expertise you bring to the table. Ultimately, becoming certified will:

  • Help you earn credibility and respect in your field.

  • Open more opportunities for advancement.

  • Increase your earning potential by as much as 60%-100%.

  • Prove your willingness to invest in your own development.

  • Demonstrate your commitment to your profession.

  • Improve your financial management knowledge and better practice skills.

  • Build confidence in your knowledge of the profession.


 IFM Programs

The IFM program equips you with a strong foundation of advanced corporate finance, strategy management and investment skills that will give you a promising future in real business world.

Completing the IFM program demonstrates to the employers and the society that you are competent in advanced financial management career.


Holding an IFM certificate, you will join a professional community of tremendous worldwide members’ club that is invaluable resources of learning and networking.

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