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Financial Futures Committee

Better understanding leads to better investors, so we want to help our IFM members to understand the trading platform, the services, and the marketplace. On the sunny morning of November 1st 2007, IFMA announces that it will hold the grand opening ceremony for the new committee so called Financial Futures Committee (FFC) at IFMA headquarters. Take advantage of our instructional materials and educational resources designed especially for self-directed investors like you who want to take control of your own investments and learn more about managing your portfolio. The Committee will lead a team of 20 financial futures experts to develop the educational program called Financial Futures Analyst, FFA, and training materials. The FFA certificates will be issued after the first class of trainees of November 2007 pass the required exams and capacity evaluation.



Financial Futures Analyst, FFA
This educational program is to help FFA holders to gain mastery of the concept and practice of modern financial futures. The program is well organized by the seasoned practitioners and scholars who have in-depth understanding of trading, regulation and business ethics in this industry.

Financial Futures Committee

FFC consists of nine members who have recognized reputation in the futures market from 250 corporate members. FFC reaches thousands of industry participants. FFC provides a forum for futures and options professionals from around the world to share information and concerns about the global futures industry. FFC represents its members?views before legislators, regulators, self-regulators and other policy makers to influence the development of industry rules and practices.

Regular Members are futures practitioners in the futures market .Through these members we represent the needs of futures industry customers; in fact, our members include the top 20 firms in terms of customer equity.
Corporate Members include international exchanges, banks, legal and accounting firms, introducing brokers, commodity trading advisors, commodity pool operators and other market users, and information and equipment providers.

The Committee is in charge of the development and supervision of the educational program – Financial Futures Analyst (FFA), and the pertinent training materials.

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