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Continuing Education and Professional Development(CPD)

Encourage lifelong learning through "Continuing Education and Professional Development" (CPD)

In order to help IFM certificate holders consolidate and expand their professional knowledge, constantly improve their ability to perform their duties, and promote the career development space of members. The IFMA organizes  "Continuing Education and Professional Development" for licensees every year. According to the 《Relevant Provisions of the Regulations on Continuing Education Management》of Professional Qualification Certificate of IFMA, the certificate holders must attend the corresponding level of continuing education, complete the required class hours and tests, and make electronic endorsement from August 31 to December 31 of each year from the second year of holding the certificate. If the certificate status of the holder who has not participated in CPD for two years or more indicates "will expire soon" or "expired", please complete the CPD as required to ensure that the certificate is continuously valid.

Special note: According to the national conditions of different countries, the CPD will be adjusted. Please complete the continuing education work according to the requirements of the representative office of each country.

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Audit reports of domestic or overseas listed companies on behalf of the company or the government, participate in bilateral or multilateral trade negotiations with the government and obtain special authority to audit overseas listed companies in China

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