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2009 IFM Vocational Examination Information

Examination time

IFM examination is held in 4 periods each year, from January to February, from April to May, from July to August,from October to November.In the US, exams are organised by Prometric,while in other countries are arranged by the IFMA exam management. For details, please contact your national IFMA representative office.

Examination Subjects

Subject I: Professional Ethics of Financial Management, Comprehensive Budget Management, Financial Analysis, Financial Instruments

Subject II: Corporate Strategy and Finance, Corporate Governance, Internal control and Risk Management, Merger & Reorganization of Listed company

Subject III: Corporate Financing

Corresponding exam subjects for each level

Elementary International Finance Manager (EIFM): Subject I

International Financial Manager (IFM): Subject I, Subject II

Senior International Finance Manager (SIFM): Subject I, Subject II, and Subject III

Notice: Candidates who take the IFM exam within 5 working days after the exam are required to submit a work ability assessment form. Candidates who take the IFM exam within 10 working days after the exam are required to submit a professional ability assessment form. Submit to IFMA representative offices in various countries.


Examination Language: Taking into account the actual situation of each country, the IFMA allows candidates from different countries to take the IFM exam in their native language, but retains the English textbooks and exams for core subjects at the SIFM level.

Application subjects: Candidates can apply for each subject or all subjects. All candidates must complete all the unified examination subjects within 2 years and pass the exam.

Qualification criteria: If the IFM exam score reaches 60% or more of the total score of each subject, it is considered qualified.

Validity period of grades: A passing score in a single subject exam is valid for 2 years (based on the date of the first exam).

make-up examination : Subjects that do not pass the exam can be retaken within 2 years, with no limit to the number of subjects to be retaken each time. However, the number of retakes for the same subject within a year cannot exceed 2. Applicants for make-up exams should complete the registration procedures at the relevant examination points 30 days before the make-up exam.

Examination Location

United States of America










If you have any questions about the exam, please contact the following methods for consultation.


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